Behind the scenes at the British office with no toilets

In our new film, we're following the story of an office whose toilets have been sold off to an internet start-up. We've asked Ben, Customer Services Manager, to update us on life and love in a time of cholera.


18 Aug 2016

Hello world! It's me, Ben.

You know? Ben. From WaterAid's new film? I really thought you'd recognise me!

Mum texted to say the video has hit 31 views on YouTube, which is even more than that clip of me doing the Harlem Shake outside Gregg's.

Frankly, if you haven't watched the film yet then there's no point in me going on.

Harrowing stuff, right?

When the WaterAid crew rolled up to the office, we reckoned it was for some boring corporate responsibility meeting. 

Turns out they'd been tipped off that the boss was about to do something drastic: sell our bogs off to an internet start-up. (Their slogan is 'like Uber, but for protein balls' and they keep talking about something called 'scalability'.)

This is Pete and Jenny. They think they've been keeping their sordid little office romance a secret, but let’s just say their loo breaks were as synchronised as those kinda scary Olympics swimmers.

Anyway, now their 'love shack' has been dismantled, we think Jenny is finally going to ask Pete out an actual date.

She picked up a couple of pro bono cinema tickets through this competition WaterAid is running (I don't think she knows Pete is into cosplay yet, so she might be in for a bit of a shock when he turns up to Suicide Squad dressed as The Joker).

Actually, we're all entering the competition, because the loos down at the local Odeon are A+.

© WaterAid

We've decided to take matters into our own hands. We didn't get to be Britain's 12th best pet insurance broker without a bit of innovation and creativity. 

Kevin's LinkedIn page says he's got strong problem-solving abilities, so we've set him to work designing a brand new bog for the office. 

We're still beta testing at the minute, but it's looking promising. The carpet is soaking up the mucky run-off nicely, and once you abandon all sense of dignity, the whole privacy issue is basically a non-starter.

Hopefully we'll have it perfected by the time Sharon gets back from her sickie. Cholera's one of those 48 hour things, right?

Apparently a third of the world have to deal with this kind of thing. WaterAid want to sort it out. You can help >