Changing rooms that change lives: introducing the Hope Locker

It looks and works like a normal changing room locker – but there’s something a bit different about our poolside prototype. Read on to find out what makes the Hope Locker so special.

4 Feb 2016

How many times have you swallowed water when you’ve been for a swim?

If it’s happened to you, it’s probably an experience you’d rather forget.

But it might just make you think about what life is like when you have no choice about the water you drink – which is where the Hope Locker comes in.

The Hope Locker looks and works like a normal coin-operated changing room locker, except for one big difference: a video guides you as you insert your pound to secure your belongings.

After your swim, instead of simply releasing your coin, it will ask you if you’d like to donate it to WaterAid.

And will £1 really make a difference? Incredibly, it’s enough to give a child safe drinking water for four months.

A poolside prototype

The Hope Locker was developed by Proximity London and production agency MediaMonks. The first prototype was trialled in Richmond, London, with plans to install the lockers in venues across the city if funding is secured.

“I love this idea – it’s really different and innovative, and there’s a clear link to our vision and values as an organisation,” says Charlotte Forrest, Special Projects Manager at WaterAid.

“We’re really excited to see how the idea can be further developed.”

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