Chop your locks for WaterAid

Get your haircut at Aveda on 22 April and raise money for WaterAid while you're there, in the first ever global cut-a-thon.

18 Apr 2013

From 11am - 7pm on 22 April over 75 Aveda Lifestyle Salons across the UK will be providing haircuts and salon services in return for donations – all of which will go to WaterAid.  

‘Appointments for the Earth’ is a world-first 24 hour cut-a-thon taking place at Aveda Institutes across the globe. As part of Earth Month, Aveda aims to raise $5 million and attempt to set a Guinness World Record for the ‘most money raised for a charity by haircuts in a 24-hour period’.  

Going into its fifth year of partnership, Aveda UK works with us to help raise awareness of the global water crisis and funding clean water projects in some of the world’s poorest communities. In 2011/12 Aveda’s contribution to WaterAid provided 68,446 people with improved access to safe water. 

This year, Aveda UK carried out a nationwide Earth Month Water Survey - asking 1000 women and men across the country about their personal water consumption awareness. The survey found that:

  • Over 50% of people had ‘no idea’ of their daily water consumption – yet nearly 75% of people didn’t think they used more water than they needed
  • The majority of people would miss clean water the MOST out of any utility over the course of one week
  • Nearly 80% of people shower everyday

In 2013 Aveda will be supporting projects in India and Nepal where extreme poverty is widespread and millions of people lack access to clean, safe water. Worldwide, 2,000 children die everyday from diseases caused by lack of clean water and sanitation but just £15 can provide one person with a lasting supply of safe water, improved hygiene and sanitation.

Darren Potter, Aveda General Manager said: “Social responsibility has been a pillar of the Aveda ethos since the brand’s founding in 1978. Aveda professionals are living proof that beauty and environment are inextricably connected – their commitment is truly remarkable.”

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