Christine Bleakley visits WaterAid's work

Television presenter Christine Bleakley recently visited Uganda to film the work that Sport Relief funds.


15 Oct 2012 | UK
Christine Bleakley with children in UgandaChristine Bleakley visited schools in the slums in Kampala, Uganda, where she visited a project supported by WaterAid.

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She met children who had previously been affected by lack of access to clean water and sickness from diarrhoea, but now thanks to Sport Relief funds the children have new toilet blocks and access to clean water.

Christine was inspired by the difference the toilets had made to the children's lives, especially for girls, and was left in no doubt that the funds were making a real difference.

She said, "I visited a school in the slums of Kampala for Sport Relief 2012 and saw for myself the difference something as simple as a toilet can make to children's lives. I was inspired by WaterAid, who are using the funds raised by Sport Relief to supply working toilets and drinking water for the children in the school."

"I met girls who would have had to leave school because they have nowhere private to go to the toilet. Now girls can finish their education, and all the children no longer get ill from drinking dirty water. These simple things that we take for granted has a massive impact on the children's lives forever."

Here's a short message that Christine made for WaterAid when she visited the school in Kampala.

WaterAid has worked in Uganda since 1983, and now works with seven local organisations and local governments in four districts.

WaterAid aims to provide water, sanitation and hygiene education to 400,000 Ugandan people a year with the help of its partners, using sustainable and affordable approaches.