Cold water tipping craze raises money for WaterAid

We’re thrilled to have received donations from members of the deaf community taking part in a new craze, known as the ‘cold water challenge’.


19 Jul 2014 | UK

It's the perfect fundraiser for the current heatwave – and we're thrilled to have received a number of donations from members of the deaf community taking part in the cold water (or water-tipping) challenge.

The challenge - which goes by many names - involves dropping a bucket of water over your head and nominating your friends to do the same, with some very entertaining results!

And we couldn't resist getting involved in the action too, to say a big thank you to everyone who has drenched themselves and given money to help us get safe water and clean toilets to the world’s poorest communities:

Tempted to take part? To take on the challenge, all you need to do is film yourself tipping a bucket of water over your head, text WATER to 70007 to donate £3 to WaterAid (or use our online donation form here) – then nominate your friends to do the same!

By making a donation, you’ll help us reach people around the world with access to safe water and clean toilets.

And if you donate by 9 September, the UK Government will match your donation pound for pound, helping us transform twice as many lives.

Worried about the water? You can make sure you don’t waste a drop by taking on the challenge in your garden (giving the plants a good watering as you go), in your local lido or swimming pool, or even in your pond, as British Sign Language interpreter Rachael Veazey chose to do. Watch her water challenge video here.