Good luck to our London Marathon runners!

100 dedicated people are running for WaterAid at the Virgin London Marathon on Sunday 13 April.


10 Apr 2014 | UK

Good luck to our 100 WaterAid runners who will be taking on the 26.2 miles of the Virgin London Marathon on Sunday 13 April.

WaterAid has two cheer points this year - just after mile 11 and in between miles 24 and 25. Please do lend us your support and join us at these points to cheer on our wonderful runners.

Watch this good luck video from all at WaterAid:

World record attempt

This year we are lucky to have not one, not two but three people attempting to break world records while running for WaterAid. All three are attempting to complete the marathon wearing our beloved toilet costume. Marcus Mumford, Mike Hurford and Chris Atkins. We also have Richard Quartermaine dressing up as a tap and attempting to break a world record too.

Here's what Chris had to say:

"It was with considerable sadness in March 2013 that I learned I had been robbed of my 'Fastest Marathon Dressed as a Dairy Product' Guinness World Record at the Los Angeles Marathon by someone in a McDonald's McFlurry costume. Rather than dwelling on the ignominy of being usurped by a soft-serve ice cream, I'm fighting back with a second tilt on the record books.

"I'm looking to establish a brand new world record at this year's marathon – 'Fastest Marathon Dressed as a Toilet'. I am raising money for WaterAid who help provide safe, clean water for people that can't access it. There is probably nothing we take more for granted than a water supply yet millions still live without it which is bonkers if you stop and think."

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