Have you caught Pookémon Go's newest monster yet?

Augmented reality gaming sensation Pookémon Go! is excited to announce the release of a brand new Pookémon, the devious Pookachu.

5 Aug 2016

Is your collection over-run by Drowzees? Caught so many Pidgeys you could start a coop? Perhaps it's time for you to try capture the brand new monster released into the Pookemon Go universe: Pookachu.

Whilst budding Pookémon Go! trainers will be thrilled by the newest addition to the game, Pookachu's cuddly persona is not to be trusted.

Experienced Pookémon trainer and WaterAid volunteer Lucy became the first to take on the game's newest monster yesterday afternoon. Lucy told us:

"Pookachu’s combat power is insane.  A Pookachu weighing just one gram carries up to 1 million bacteria and 10 million viruses." 

We strongly recommend watching Lucy's video before attempting to battle this monster.

Capturing Pookachu, it seems, is no walk in the park. Marcus Missen, WaterAid's Director of Communications and Fundraising commented:

"Evil Pookachu is masquerading as a cuddly critter, but the reality is he is using his wicked powers to contaminate his environments and spread potentially fatal diseases. With 2.3 billion people globally still lacking access to a basic toilet, billions of Pookachus remain uncaptured and this must be stopped."

"The best way the public can do this is to sign WaterAid’s #ToiletsSaveLives petition.

Have you spotted Pookachu in your neighbourhood? Let us know using #PookemonGo on Twitter.