Join us as we deliver life to 130,000 mums and their families around the world

Be a part of our biggest ever appeal, as we follow families around the world delivering life – and transform the birth stories of thousands of mums with clean, safe water.

10 Nov 2015

In the UK, you’re told to eat well and put your feet up when you’re expecting a baby. You have regular check-ups, and know that professionals will be at your side throughout your labour.

You also know that, wherever you give birth, it will be somewhere clean and hygienic  ̶  whether that’s at home or in hospital.

But for thousands of mums-to-be around the world, the experience of delivering life is very, very different, because they don’t have access to an essential resource you’d never want to give birth without: clean water to drink and to wash with.

This winter, join us as we meet the midwives, mums and families delivering life against the odds in some of the world’s poorest and most remote communities.

Find out what life is like at Kiomboi hospital in Tanzania, where midwives like Daniel simply want to be able to do the job that they trained for – to deliver life safely. But this isn’t possible without clean water, toilets and good hygiene.

Meet mums-to-be like Uchiya in Ethiopia, who, at eight months pregnant was still making the treacherous journey to collect water for her family – water so dirty, it was putting her health and that of her unborn baby at risk.

And help us change the birth stories of thousands of women like Alinafe in Malawi, who not only had to give birth without running water, but now faces the ongoing struggle of keeping herself and her newborn baby clean and healthy, with no access to safe water in her village.

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Alinafe and her baby.
Alinafe and baby Boyson, Malawi.

Double the difference

This winter, your support for our Deliver Life appeal will go twice as far – because every £1 you donate between 10 November and 10 February 2016 will be doubled by the UK Government.

That means we can give twice as many mums, their newborns and their families a brighter start and a better future, simply through clean, safe water, proper toilets and better hygiene.