Just Water? We’ll drink to that – and this is why you should too…

What could possibly persuade you to drink Just Water in January? Our resident resolution-maker, Lucy Cover, explains why getting your mind, body and bank balance back on track are all the reasons you need.

18 Dec 2015

Whether Christmas nights out have left you short on cash, your drunken dancing at the office party still has you reeling, or you’re just desperate for a detox – we have the perfect challenge for you. And it’s called Just Water.

Did you say Just Water?

We did. And it really is that simple! All you need to do is give up all your drinks - apart from water - for two or four weeks in January, to raise money for our amazing work around the world.

Still not sure what we’re talking about? This might clear things up for you:

Be honest, is this because the WaterAid fundraising team went a bit wild at the Christmas party?

I’ll admit we overdid it on the dance floor…

I thought as much. Now listen, I have a big New Year’s Eve planned. Do I really have to go cold turkey from 1 January?

Nope. Just Water officially starts on 4 January, so you have a few days to recover from your celebrations. But if you’re feeling brave, there’s nothing to stop you starting on New Year’s Day…

Nothing comes between me and my morning porridge, and I’m guessing milk isn’t allowed?

Don’t fret. We have a simple test for dining dilemmas like this. Just ask yourself the question, do you consider your porridge a meal or a drink?

If the answer is a meal, it’s absolutely fine. We wouldn’t want you going without!

I’m feeling a tiny bit tempted. Do you know anyone who’s done it before?

Actually, we do. Last year lecturer and WaterAid supporter David Girling gave it a whirl. Here’s what he said:

“I’d never tried anything like this, but I really enjoyed the challenge. I must admit, I did have cravings for a chai latte after a few days, but I stayed focussed and completed my mission. I saved a lot of money and raised some for a great cause too!”

That sounds promising. But remind me, why are we doing this again?

That’s the best bit. While you get your mind, your body and your bank balance back on track for 2016, you’ll also be doing something absolutely amazing to start the new year.

Get sponsored for your sacrifices, or donate what you would have spent on other drinks, and the money you raise will help get life-saving taps and toilets to some of the world’s poorest communities.

So what’s stopping you?

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