'Live at the Apolloo' comes to Waterloo station for World Toilet Day

Our unique comedy gig challenged commuters to overcome their embarrassment and start talking toilets.

19 Nov 2015
Did you hear about the constipated accountant? He couldn't budget!

To make sure commuters didn’t have their usual bog-standard journey to work this World Toilet Day, we treated Londoners to some ‘sit-down’ comedy from a portaloo stage at Waterloo station.

Comedian Patrick Monahan kicked off ‘Live at the Apolloo’ by bringing cheer and laughter to an otherwise wet and dreary Thursday morning.

Passers-by also got involved by sharing their own favourite bits of toilet humour.

Watch the highlights:

And, at just 110cm2, our intimate wee stage is probably in the running for the world’s smallest ever comedy venue!

‘I’ve gigged in some unusual venues in my time, but I can honestly say this was the most surreal,’ says Patrick.

It's no joke

While a day all about toilets might sound funny, for the 2.3 billion people around the world who don’t have access to a safe, private loo it really is no laughing matter.

Many have no choice but to face the indignity of going to the toilet in the open, where they are exposed to disease and are vulnerable to harassment and even attack.

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