Make a special day magical with Wahoo

From donating your wedding list and anniversary gifts to giving up your birthday, Wahoo lets you make your special day even more memorable by giving the gift of clean, safe water.


19 Sep 2014 | UK

From birthdays and Bar Mitzvahs to weddings and anniversaries, there’s nothing like getting together with family and friends to celebrate a special occasion.

Now WaterAid has launched Wahoo, a new website that can make your day even more memorable by allowing your guests to swap their usual presents for the gift of clean, safe water.

Just set up a personal Wahoo page, let everyone know you’d like a donation rather than a present, and for every £15 you receive one person's life will be changed forever – meaning your special occasion could change the future for an entire community.

Find out more about how Wahoo works here:

One-year-old Yehan was the first person to experience the magic of a Wahoo moment. His mum Sashika set up a personalised page for his first birthday and changed three people's lives through the gifts they received.

"We wanted some of our friends' generosity to benefit the thousands of children elsewhere in the world turning one on the same day, but without many of the things that we in the UK take for granted," says Sashika. "Having tried and tested Wahoo we are sure we will use it again for Yehan's next birthday."

Since then, Saul has celebrated his Bar Mitzvah by transforming 13 people's lives, while Wilhemina has given an incredible 78 people the chance of a brighter future, simply because she wanted to make a difference to some of the world’s poorest communities.

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Tell us about your #worstpresent ever

Love to celebrate but dread all those unwanted presents? You're not alone.

A recent survey for WaterAid shows that more than seven in ten of us would rather our friends and family donated to a worthwhile cause on our behalf, instead of giving us something we don't want or need. And here in the UK, 34% of us have asked people not to buy us a present at all because we know it will simply go unused.

That's why, to mark the launch of Wahoo, we’re asking you to share your story of your #worstpresent with us on Twitter and add your pictures to our worst present Pinterest board here.

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