Mongol Rally 2014: taking on ‘the greatest adventure in the world’

We meet the WaterAid supporters who completed this year’s Mongol Rally, driving thousands of miles from Europe to Mongolia to raise money for our work.


1 Oct 2014 | UK

One sea, three deserts, seven time zones and 19 countries. That's what the Are We There Yet team covered in their epic adventure across a third of the circumference of the globe, as they took part in the 2014 Mongol Rally.

The car rally, which begins in Europe and ends in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, is known as 'the greatest adventure in the world' and has three fundamental - and surprising - rules:

  1. Cars must be small and rubbish.
  2. Teams are totally unsupported.
  3. Teams need to raise at least £1000 for charity.

Andrew Theodorou, Jack Edwards and Jack Addams decided to take on the challenge after finishing their secondary school studies, raising money for WaterAid, Help for Heroes and Cool Earth.

Team Are We There Yet at the 2014 Mongol Rallyy
Team Are We There Yet at the finish line of the 2014 Mongol Rally.
Credit: Andrew Theodorou

The boys' chosen route took them an incredible 11,000 miles across Europe, Turkey, Georgia, Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Russia, before they headed south into Mongolia.

Along the way they faced everything from 32-hour driving sessions and 45 degree heat to fuel crises and altitudes of over 4,500 metres above sea level.

But after six weeks, the three 18-year-olds successfully crossed the finishing line – alongside another team fundraising for WaterAid, 3 Tools and a Spanner, comprised of university graduates Prasana Uthayakumar, Matthew Sugden, Simon Boddington and Henry Hughes.

They join self-confessed amateur adventurists Will James and Arthur Keeling, who also completed the remarkable event this summer for WaterAid and Cool Earth.

Team Three Spanners and a Tool at the 2014 Mongol Rallyy
Team 3 Tools and a Spanner take a break during the 2014 Mongol Rally.
Credit: Prasana Uthayakumar

"The Mongol Rally is the essence of adventure and really pushes participants to the limits of their endurance," says Emma Blake, Senior Fundraising Officer for WaterAid.

"We're thrilled for all the teams that made it to the finish line for WaterAid, and can't thank them enough for the difference their sponsorship will make to communities around the world who don't have access to clean water and safe toilets."

There's still time to show your support for the teams’ amazing feat, by making a donation to team Are We There Yet, 3 Tools and a Spanner and Motoring Moron's Mongol Rally.