People's Postcode Lottery to transform lives in Uganda

We are thrilled that players of People's Postcode Lottery will be supporting life-changing safe water and sanitation projects in Uganda.


3 Mar 2014

Feeling lucky? We certainly are! Thanks to the support of People's Postcode lottery players, we will transform lives in Amuria and Namalu, two small towns in Uganda.

Communities there struggle to access safe water to drink. A lack of safe, hygienic toilets means that diarrhoeal related diseases are rife. As a result, children miss out on school due to poor health and women spend hours queuing to collect dirty water for their families.

Dr Eumu Silver works at Amuria Health Centre and knows the difference that access to safe water and toilets will have on the community. He told us: "If we tackle water, sanitation and hygiene we will prevent half of our admissions in the health unit. Most of our admissions are water related.

"There is a lot of death from diarrhoeal diseases, because of contamination, because people are not washing their hands, just because there are not pit latrines, just because people are not drinking safe and clean water. Deaths from diarrhoeal diseases - they can be stopped."

The commitment from People's Postcode Lottery will have a huge positive impact on people living in Amuria and Namalu. Over the coming months we plan to improve the water supply and help the communities to build their own private toilets.

But the projects will bring so much more than safe water and toilets. Access to these basic facilities will improve health, enable children to stay in education and free up time for people to spend earning a living. Whole communities will start to lift themselves out of poverty.