WaterAid pumps up the volume at Glastonbury

35,000 happy festival-goers support our campaign for a world where everyone, everywhere has clean water and safe sanitation. Thank you!

12 Jul 2013

It went by far too quickly but, after two years of anticipation, it was worth the wait! 

As one of the three official good causes at the world-famous Glastonbury festival, WaterAid's crack team of volunteers were once again spreading the word about water, sanitation and hygiene by giving out water, cleaning toilets, staffing she-pees and picking up litter for recycling.

While they were at it, they persuaded an incredible 35,000 festival-goers to put their name to a world where everyone, everywhere has safe water and sanitation by signing our Pump up the volume petition.

Since we returned, our inbox has been full of great feedback from the people we met at the festival:

  • "I just wanted to say that the campaign is great and that the service you provided at Glastonbury was definitely a great idea to make people realize how important the cause is." - Artemis
  • "Well done team. Such a worthy cause and one worth fighting for. Hope to see you all again next year." - Anne
  • "I would like to thank you and all your volunteers for making such an effort to bring this issue into the public eye and conscience." - Sharon
  • "Wow!! I'm so proud of signing up to a worthy cause." - Karen
  • "Your WaterAid toilets were amazing. Such a fab idea!" - Rachel

We're glad you enjoyed your festival experience as much as we did! We loved meeting you all and we're proud to be taking your voice to the UN General Assembly in New York this September. We'll tell world leaders that you want to live in a world where everyone, everywhere has clean water to drink and a safe place to go the toilet.

Here's why: a world where everyone, everywhere had safe water, sanitation and hygiene would be healthier, better nourished, better educated, more equal and more productive. Thanks to you, we could be one step closer to making that world possible.