Rachel Stevens chooses Belu water

Former S Club 7 singer and WaterAid ambassador Rachel Stevens has collaborated with Belu, the UK's most ethical bottled water, to support WaterAid.


19 Mar 2013 | UK

Belu gives 100% of its profits to WaterAid and Rachel has worked with them to create a limited edition wrap for its pack of six bottles, which will be stocked exclusively in Sainsbury's from World Water Day, Friday 22 March. 

These limited edition packs will be available in-store and online until September and have introductory prices of £2.99 for six 1.5 litre bottles and £1.75 for six 500ml bottles.

Next time you're in Sainsbury's, look out for the Belu bottle pack with the image of Rachel on her recent trip to Ethiopia with WaterAid and pop it into your trolley! By choosing Belu as your bottled water, you are helping someone else to a safe water supply.

Rachel said: "Many people don't have a choice about what they drink, but we do. We also have a choice of which bottled water we buy so I hope that the new wraps help Belu to stand out so that people choose water that helps give other people a chance. World Water Day is the perfect time to start making that difference."

The image of Rachel on the wrap was taken on a visit to a school in Ethiopia where WaterAid has installed clean, running water. Rachel spent a lot of time talking to the school children and they told her how they previously had no choice but to drink dirty water which regularly made them ill, and how they would sometimes be forced to miss school because they had to travel far to collect the water.

Rachel said: "I was heartbroken to learn that, until recently, the children I met had been missing out on school because they didn't have something as simple and vital as a supply of clean water. 

"Instead, their time was spent looking after sick family members or younger siblings and walking miles to collect water every day – water they knew could also make them ill, but which they had no choice but to drink. This prevented them from attending classes, despite knowing that education is key to changing their future."

WaterAid has been working in Ethiopia since 1983 and has helped transform the lives of more than two million people. It still remains one of the poorest countries in the world as just 38% of the 83 million people who live there have access to clean water and only twelve per cent have a toilet. 

You can do your part to support WaterAid's work in Ethiopia and across the world by choosing Belu as your bottled water. You can also order Belu in many nationwide restaurants, including Cafe Rouge, Bela Italia, Leon, Strada and Zizzi. 

On behalf of WaterAid and Belu, thank you so much for your support!