In the spotlight: reflections on our 2014 Annual Supporters Meeting

Ernest Randriarimalala, Communications Officer for WaterAid Madagascar, shares his experience of addressing our 2014 ASM event.


15 Oct 2014 | UK

My presentation at WaterAid’s ASM was the first I have ever done in English in front of an audience and supporters.

The hardest part was just before the speech, sitting and waiting to go on. Once I was on stage I understood the magnitude of the event; I had a 360 degree view of the audience and realised I had got up in front of hundreds of people!

After waking the audience up with my funny Malagasy words and seeing them react positively by laughing, I really felt everyone was friendly and the atmosphere was warm. I felt confident and ready to deliver my presentation.

Watch Ernest's presentation at the 2014 ASM:

After the speech was the best part of the day. To hear from people that I had inspired them and that they were moved by my presentation (some of them told me they had tears in their eyes) was the best prize I’ve ever received in my life.

It was a privilege to be able to experience such an awesome event and to talk to our supporters about what things are like in the field and what we do with their money.

I am really proud to be part of WaterAid’s global team, as I know that working together is the heart of an organisation. For the next couple of weeks I will be giving more presentations and trying to motivate people about the amazing work we’re doing in the field, to bring safe water and clean toilets to everyone, everywhere.

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