Robo-bikes, toilet bikes and tandems: supporters hit the road for RideLondon

TV gadget man Jason Bradbury is just one of over 100 supporters who will be taking to their bikes for WaterAid this weekend, as part of the Prudential RideLondon event.


7 Aug 2014 | UK

TV gadget man Jason Bradbury loves cycling but is used to short, triathlon sprints.

So when he decided to take on the gruelling, 100-mile challenge that is the Prudential RideLondon event for WaterAid, he didn't just extend his training rides – he also got his robo-bike ready for the big day.

Jason, a self-confessed uber geek, adapted the bike especially for RideLondon, adding a Bluetooth-enabled crank that transmits to his mobile phone and electronic gears to help him tackle the Olympic grade Surrey Hills that form part of the route.

But even with all these adaptations, Jason knows he'll still need to put the miles in.

"Those hills will be tough," he says. "But when Box Hill starts to burn itself into my thighs, all I'll do is think about the importance of what WaterAid does and I'll be spurred on to be King of the Hill." Sponsor Jason through his JustGiving page here.

Jason Bradbury
Jason Bradbury with his RideLondon robo-bike.
Credit: WaterAid


Jason is one of 110 people taking part in RideLondon for us this weekend, alongside former water company employee Dave Whiteley and WaterAid staff members Victoria Rouse and Connie Potter.

Dave, who has helped to raise £7 million for WaterAid over the last 30 years, will be traveling over 300 miles to take part in the event, which he hopes to complete in seven hours.

And as if that wasn't enough, he'll also be taking part in the Prudential RideLondon Freecycle event – a 10-mile, traffic-free cycle through central London – the day before, on the Toilet Bike he manufactured himself, with a toilet and cistern attached as a seat.

"A few years ago, I was lucky enough to visit Tanzania with WaterAid," says Dave. "I visited slums where hundreds of thousands of people live without any clean water, and it just made me want to help them as much as I possibly could. It was a culture shock that will stay with me forever."

Taking on the tandem

First-hand knowledge of the way clean water and safe toilets can transform lives also spurred on our Community Fundraising Manager, Victoria, to take on the challenge – and with Events Fundraising Manager Connie agreeing to sign up too, the pair decided to shun the conventional one-seater bicycle and take on a tandem instead.

"There are only about 150 tandems taking part so we will be quite unusual," says Victoria."It's going to be tough, but I'll be thinking of women like Fenny who I met in Zambia last year.

"When I visited her village with WaterAid, it was heart-breaking to hear her story of losing her two grandsons as a result of not having safe water to drink. Then a few weeks ago, I received a wonderful picture of Fenny and news that a well has been installed in her village. Amazing!"

Victoria and Connie
Victoria (right) and Connie with their tandem bicycle.
Credit: WaterAid

Transforming lives around the world

Together, our RideLondon team hope to raise an incredible £60,000 in sponsorship, which will be matched – pound for pound - by the UK Government as part of our To be a girl campaign. Find out how the campaign will help us transform the lives of 130,000 girls and watch our good luck video to the team here: