UK Water Industry visit India to see WaterAid's work

In February this year thirteen dedicated volunteers from the UK water industry were given the opportunity to experience WaterAid's work in India first hand.


21 Mar 2013 | UK

India is home to more than a billion people and more than 800 million people have nowhere to go to the toilet and nearly 100 million are without access to safe water. Despite a growing economy, India has many challenges ahead in relation to water and sanitation.

As founding members of WaterAid, the UK water companies are home to a unique and highly motivated network of volunteers dedicated to the work of WaterAid. Each year a group of volunteers representing the companies they work for travel to see our work. 

This year supporters visited work in Madhya Pradesh, in the west region of India. The group visited communities where WaterAid is planning to work and where work is underway in both rural and urban environments.

The community of Nayagaon village in the Morena District does not have access to a safe water supply and there are no sanitation solutions here. The women and children of the community walk around 1.5KM over rocky terrain to a water hole within the rocks, during the dry season the women and children must walk further, up to 7KM, to the nearest alternative water source.

Toward the end of the week the group visited a school in Padli village where WaterAid and our partners work. The school children now practice good hygiene and helped motivate the wider community to adopt sanitation. There was a major problem with open defecation, especially in the school grounds and in the village. Some of the methods the children used to highlight the problem to the community included arriving early at school to play, and blowing whistles to deter village members when they came to the school grounds to defecate.