WaterAid supporter takes your signatures to Nick Clegg

Last week, supporter Dave Gardiner handed our Everyone, everywhere petition to Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, who is now representing the UK at the UN General Assembly in New York.


23 Sep 2013 | UK

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg last week met with supporter Dave Gardiner to hear more about our Everyone, everywhere campaign, ahead of his visit to the UN General Assembly in New York.

As well as discussing water and sanitation with Dave and WaterAid campaigns staff, Mr Clegg also received a petition supported by more than 77,000 UK WaterAid supporters, calling on the Deputy PM to prioritise water and sanitation at the UN meeting.

On receiving the petition, Mr Clegg said:

"We must not avert our gaze from the crushing burden of extreme poverty, especially considering the disease and illness brought upon the billions living without safe sanitation.

"The UK Government is on-track to honour our commitment of providing 60 million people access to water, sanitation and hygiene. With a million people signing this petition, including more than 77,000 from the UK, it is clear that the public the world over are deeply concerned about creating a world where people live in human dignity and have clean water and sanitation."

The Everyone, everywhere by 2030 petition didn't stop in London. As world leaders assembled in New York for the UN General Assembly, your signatures joined others from around the world – all calling for universal access to taps and toilets. Together, these signatures totalled an incredible 1.1 million. This global petition was presented to UN Deputy Secretary General Jan Eliasson by the End Water Poverty coalition. Mr Eliasson was delighted to see the huge level of support for water and sanitation and even added his own signature to the grand total! Thank you so much to everyone who signed.

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Campaigns officer Rebecca Owen looks back at how WaterAid supporters have helped us call for safe water and sanitation for everyone, everywhere:

"It all started on a busy week in June, when London was warming up with the promise of a fantastic summer. And two important things happened at WaterAid. The first, a relatively small event – Dave was one of a group of supporters who attended our first How to influence your MP training. The second was a little bigger – almost 200 WaterAid volunteers set off for the sunny fields of Somerset to kick off our petition at Glastonbury.

"Last Thursday, as we waited in the grandeur of Admiralty House, I couldn't have been more excited to see how the two events had come together. The petition that we started so successfully at Glastonbury had grown to an astonishing 77,000 names. Meanwhile, inspired by his training, it was Dave who had managed to arrange the hand-in with Nick Clegg, his MP, at such a timely moment.

"We're sure Mr Clegg will now have water and sanitation on his mind as he heads off to New York. We're counting on him to influence world leaders to make sure everyone, everywhere has clean water to drink and somewhere safe to go the toilet by 2030."