What do you do when a charity calls you up?

On World Water Day 2016, WaterAid staff called hundreds of supporters with a very special message.

24 Mar 2016

When the phone rings and a charity is at the other end of the line, do you decide to have a chat, or do you make an excuse and hang up as soon as possible?

Don't feel guilty if you put the phone down – we're all busy, and we know that there are hundreds of causes that could be close to your heart. But for World Water Day we decided to make some calls with a difference: we didn't call to ask for your support, or donations – we just called to say we love you.

WaterAid UK staff call supporters on World Water Day 2016.

We couldn't ask for better supporters. Last year you helped us achieve incredible things, and 2016 is already shaping up to be even more special.

Dressed up in blue, WaterAid staff made hundreds of calls throughout the day to say thank you. You let us know what inspires you about our work – from the ambitious target of reaching everyone everywhere with taps and toilets by 2030, to the dozens of countries your donations are making change happen in right now.

Here are just a few of our favourite reactions from our conversations:

Reactions from WaterAid supporters called by staff on World Water Day 2016.

Didn’t get a call from us? We’ve recorded a special video message in case we didn’t get through to you:

Turning on the tap can be a truly magical moment – a whole community, young and old, brought together to celebrate the first flow of clean water.

Your support makes it happen – which is why World Water Day was all about celebrating you.

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