What’s the most amazing thing your parents have done for you?

This Christmas, join us as we celebrate the #LengthsParentsGoTo, and tell us the amazing things your mums, dads and relatives have done for you – in solidarity with families living without safe water and the extraordinary things they do for their children every day.

15 Dec 2015

'At birthday party time my mum would create these amazing cakes' - Aisling

“My mam was, and still is, a bit of a legend in the kitchen. At birthday party time she would create these amazing cakes – we had a family of hedgehogs, a castle, a piano, even a football field! Now she’s continuing the tradition with her grandchildren. She created this awesome bicycle cake (with chocolate biscuit wheels) for my niece Zoe’s 3rd birthday.”

Photo of a homemade birthday cake #LengthsParentsGoTo

'I really appreciate all the trekking around my mum did' - Alice

“Now I’m a mum myself, I really appreciate all the trekking around my mum did to take my sister and me to different clubs.

“She was a teacher and she’d get home, do her prep for the next day, cook dinner and then ferry us about to athletics and swimming. Not only that, but she’d also have to stay and do that agonisingly boring chitchat with other parents!”

'I feel quite humbled by what they do for us' - Tamsin

“My mum and dad drive an hour to look after my little ones one day every single week. They take them out, feed and entertain them.

“On top of that, my dad has done my whole loft conversion and is now building me all my new complicated shelving units. I feel quite humbled by what they do for us.”

And it’s not just mums and dads who pull out all the stops…

'My auntie helped to take care of us' - Priya

“When my brother and I were growing up, my parents both worked, so my auntie helped to take care of us.

“She used to take us on lots of day trips and sacrificed most of her week to look after us. Our childhood wouldn’t have been the same without her and we both really appreciate the support we got from her.”

Priya, her brother and her aunt for #LengthsParentsGoTo

Tell us the lengths your parents have gone to for you

Christmas is the perfect time to thank your family for the amazing things they’ve done for you.

And this year, we’d love to hear your stories of the lengths your mums, dads and relatives have gone to, to help you when you needed them most.

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