In the outskirts of Burkina Faso’s capital city, Ouagadougou, two families explain the life-changing difference a toilet can make.

Jérémie and Baowendsom’s story

Jérémie, his wife Baowendsom and their baby son Isaac (pictured above) live in a quiet settlement on the outskirts of Ouagadougou.

Until recently, they had no toilet of their own, so the family had to walk to a relative’s house every time they needed to relieve themselves. When night fell, the only option was to go outside.

They were constantly worried about the diseases that could be carried back into their home, not to mention the lack of privacy.

And sometimes the situation meant they had to make impossible choices – like when Baowendsom and baby Isaac both fell ill at the same time, but there wasn’t enough money for treatment.

“I took care of Isaac first, because I assumed that my wife was stronger,” Jérémie explains.

Luckily, both mum and baby recovered. But it was only the arrival of their own toilet that stopped them worrying constantly about Isaac falling sick.

Ernest and Téné’s story

Brick maker Ernest lives with his wife Téné and their children.

Ernest with his family. Burkina Faso.
Ernest (right) with his wife Téné and four of their five children.

When they first moved to Ouagadougou, the family were forced to go to the toilet outdoors. Téné was afraid to go out alone at night, and the children started falling ill every few months.

But with the incredible support of people like you, Ernest has built a new toilet for his family, and the change couldn’t be greater.

“Even when my children are grown up and start working, they’ll still remember that there are people who came and provided support and allowed them to get a toilet,” he says.

One simple solution

With your support this summer, we can give even more families in Ouagadougou the chance to invest in a happier, healthier future.

It works like this. Families like Ernest's dig a pit and provide the bricks to build their own toilet.

Then, thanks to incredible donations like yours, we’ll provide the door, roof, cement bags and mason’s labour, helping to make their dream of having a life-saving loo a reality.

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