This winter your support helped to transform the village of Vimphere, Malawi when clean water arrived in the village for the very first time.

Most likely, as you read this, a woman in Vimphere is enjoying some well-earned rest because she no longer has to walk through the night to collect water. A child is at school, learning because he no longer gets diarrhoea from filthy water, and a father is bathing a baby in clean, safe water.

Select from the stories below to find out more about how life in Vimphere has changed.

The observer: Dennis

Dennis from WaterAid Malawi is a frequent visitor to Vimphere, and was there to witness the special day that the drilling rigs struck water.

“The excitement was everywhere” >

The town fryer: Haswell

For Haswell, the village shopkeeper who also sells chips, clean water has given him and his village the chance to thrive.

“I see my chips business thriving, because I can start preparing food anytime” >


Vimphere has now joined the 9 in 10 of us who have clean, safe water.

But we want to reach everyone everywhere by 2030. One family, one village, one country at a time.

Every year, 78 million more people turn on the tap or use a water pump for the first time. If we can reach just 8% more people every year, we’ll achieve our ambitious goal.

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