'A blossoming community'
12 July 2016

Negera is a small village. So small, that for a long time no-one knew what to call it – until it was named after the oldest man who lived in the area.

But not having a name wasn’t the community’s biggest problem. They were also surviving without access to safe, clean water – until your incredible support changed everything.

Watch the celebrations in Negera after clean water arrived for the very first time:

Thanks to amazing people like you, clean water is now piped into the village from a spring on a nearby hill, using the natural force of gravity.

The source is capped to protect it from contamination by animals and flooding, and there’s also a small reservoir that can store up to 2,000 litres of water – more than enough for a village of 200 people.

With safe water in Negera, families can now look forward to a healthier, more prosperous future.

“My children have had parasites and diarrhoea because they drank unclean water,” says Aberash, a local farmer. “Now they will drink clean water and be healthier.”

The arrival of clean water also means Aberash’s livelihood will be protected, as the family’s cattle, which they use to plough their land so they can grow crops, will be safe from leeches.

Aberash (right) enjoys clean water for the first time in Negera, Ethiopia.
Aberash (right) enjoys clean water for the first time in Negera, Ethiopia.

Aberash and her family have another reason to be proud: they took an active part in building the community’s new water point.

With trucks unable to reach all the way to the remote community, Aberash helped carry sand and cement to the project, while her husband dug trenches for the new pipes.

“We are all happy to see water finally arrive in our village,” she says.

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