“I am very grateful for the borehole, considering the challenges we used to have here in Vimphere.”

Haswell, 43, is the head of the village development committee in Vimphere, Malawi, which aims to solve the pressing problems facing the community.

But there’s now one thing the committee can cross off its to-do list: access to clean, safe water.

For as long as Haswell can remember, water scarcity had been problem in Vimphere with climate change causing most of the local rivers to evaporate completely during the dry season.

But with a new borehole and a constant supply of clean water, people in Vimphere will now be able to grow crops, farm animals and develop the community’s economy.

'I will be able to start preparing food any time'

For Haswell, clean water means he can spend more time supplying the community with their favourite takeaway – his delicious chips. He also plans to grow a garden full of fresh fruit and vegetables to sell in his shop.

“I will be able to start preparing food any time,” says Haswell. “I will just collect the water, clean the cooking area and start cooking.”

Haswell uses the new borehole in Vimphere, Malawi.Haswell uses the new borehole in Vimphere, Malawi.

Safe water will not just benefit Haswell, but his children too as they now have the chance to stay in school. They used to regularly miss classes because they were sick with diarrhoea caused by dirty water – making it difficult to follow their lessons and to catch up with friends.

“As a father I really hope my children get an education and become professionals, so they can be independent and help others,” says Haswell.

On the edge of making history

One simple change – a borehole – means Haswell, his family and the people of Vimphere can look forward to a brighter, more prosperous future.

For the first time ever, 9 in 10 of us have access to clean, safe water. And there's one thing you can do right now to help reach that final 10%.

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