An extra special reason to smile
3 February 2016

It's been a big day at Kiomboi hospital in Tanzania, and midwife Daniel has a huge smile on his face – thanks to the incredible generosity of people like you.

Through our Deliver Life appeal, he's welcomed some very special deliveries into the world: Kiomboi’s first babies to be born with safe running water.

Our heart-warming film shows just how magical these moments have been:

Working with our local partners, SEMA and the Iramba District Council, we’ve installed a constant supply of clean water, taps and toilets at the hospital for the very first time.

And the impact on Daniel, and all the mums and midwives at Kiomboi, simply couldn’t be greater.

“The changes at the hospital are so big!” says Daniel. “Now we can wash our hands, and having running water all the time will help reduce infections among newborns and new mums. We will all be healthy.”

'There has been a big change'

Midwife Juliana has already seen the huge impact the transformation has had on the wards.

“Pregnant women and their families used to fetch water from shallow wells. The water was not clean. Now they have safe water for bathing their babies and cooking. There has been a big change,” she says.

Raheli is one of the first mums who’ll be giving birth at Kiomboi with safe water.

She’s nine months pregnant, and arrived at the hospital with her sister Uswili.

"I didn't expect there to be clean water when I came here. Many hospitals don’t have water,” Raheli told us. "My children are very excited that I’m having another baby.”

Raheli, nine months pregnant, at Kiomboi hospital, Tanzania
Raheli waits to give birth at Kiomboi hospital.

A life-changing journey – that’s just beginning

The changes at Kiomboi are just the start. Through our Deliver Life appeal, we want to reach thousands more mums and their families around the world with clean, safe water – so we can give even more babies a happy, healthy start in life.

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