Since the summer of 2013, everything has changed at Tsimahavaobe School in Madagascar.

Thanks to your amazing support, the children and teachers there now have access to safe, clean water and toilets  ̶  and the impact on everyone's lives couldn't be greater.

Dreaming of being a doctor

"Before the water and sanitation project, lots of kids in our village, especially girls, dropped out after finishing primary school," Perlette, 16, tells us.

When we first met her two years ago she dreamed of being a doctor, but was struggling to concentrate at school without clean water to drink and a safe, private place to go to the toilet.

Studying was made even harder by the fact she and her friends often got sick from the dirty water they collected every morning before class.

Perlette, a former student at Tsimahavaobe School
Two years on, Perlette has graduated from Tsimahavaobe School.

Today, Perlette no longer attends Tsimahavaobe. But far from dropping out, she left with her diploma and is studying at secondary school, taking her one step closer to achieving her ambitions.

"With clean running water, studying was easier," she explains. "We all had less things to worry about. We didn't miss school and we were able to focus on our studies, learning our lessons and listening to our teachers.

"Who would have thought that most of my classmates would get their first diploma?"

Healthier, happier students

Working with the local community to install taps and toilets at Tsimahavaobe School has also had a big impact on daily life for the teachers working there.

"Things are completely different now," Mariette, a teacher at the school, explains.

"We have more new teachers than before, and the attendance rate has increased because students are healthy and parents have truly been motivated by WaterAid's work.

Mariette, a teacher at Tsimahavaobe School
Mariette has seen big improvements since clean water and toilets were built at the school.

"The students are no longer thirsty so they've become more active in school. They also have more time to learn in the classroom now they don't have to go out in search of water or a toilet.

"We're working hard to keep the facilities clean. We are all proud of what we have here."

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