About the project

We're working with Nepal Water for Health (NEWAH) to bring safe, clean water to Sajbote Siruwani, which has one of the lowest levels of water and sanitation coverage in Nepal.

25 Jul 2014

Working in partnership with Nepal Water for Health (NEWAH), we will be bringing safe, clean water to the people of Sajbote Siruwani in early 2015.

The community, which can be found in the hill district of Hardeni, has one of the lowest levels of water and sanitation coverage in Nepal, a country where 3.3 million people - 12% of the population - have no access to safe water.

A regular supply of safe water

The project involves taking clean water from a natural spring to taps throughout the community, giving more than 300 people a regular supply of safe water.

The spring will be capped and water will be collected in a reservoir tank, to protect it from contamination from animals and dirty flood water.

From there it will be piped to a new distribution tank and on to 28 new taps throughout the village - including one at the local school - using gravity flow.

A long-term solution

We will train four caretakers from the community to maintain the system in the long term.

A Water and Sanitation Committee will also be established, to work with the community and ensure they are involved in every step of the decision-making process. 

WaterAid Nepal's Communications Officer, Mani, reflects on his visit to the community >