Meet the people sharing our stories

One of the highlights of our week is receiving updates from our Voices from the Field officers.

Together, our four colleagues – Mani Karmacharya, Behailu Shiferaw, Ernest Randriarimalala and Chileshe Chanda – keep our supporters up to date with the communities we're working with, sharing people's stories and showing how, thanks to you, their lives are being transformed by clean water and safe toilets.

Here’s what we think makes our Voices from the Field team so special.

1. Knowing the quickest ways to get around

Mani shows off his bicycle.
Mani gets ready to ride his new bicycle in Nepal.

2. Having a great rapport with the people we work with

Behailu poses with a lady.
Behailu meets 80-year-old Birhane in Adi Sibhat, Tigray, Ethiopia.

3. Having the stamina to walk to the most remote communities

Ernest heads to a remote community in Madagascar
Ernest tweets about his walk.
Ernest on his way to visit one of the communities where we're working in Madagascar.

4. Being ready to ask the right questions

Rabin, Nepal, holds a sign about 2015.
Mani asks Rabin in Nepal what he'd like to see happen in 2015.

5. Knowing when to ask for help

People help get Mani's vehicle out of the mud.
Mani gets help from the local community after his vehicle gets stuck in the mud in Nepal.

6. Having a (very) good sense of humour

Mani dresses up at Glastonbury festival.
Mani celebrates at his first ever Glastonbury festival with WaterAid.

7. Being able to take a great selfie

Ernest takes a selfie.
Ernest poses for a photo with children from Ambohimatsinjo village, Madagascar.

8. Being prepared to try, try again

9. Being passionate about the changes clean water can bring

Children enjoy clean water, Zambia.
Chileshe captures the moment as a group of young boys gather around a tap in Zambia.

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