We have helped over 23 million people worldwide. Behind this number lie the stories of how individual lives have been transformed in some of the world's poorest communities.

Real stories

Elida at the water kiosk she runs in Madagascar

Nepal earthquake: life one year on 25 Apr 2016

Survivors of last year’s earthquakes in Nepal talk to us about their experiences, their hopes to rebuild, and why toilets are crucial to their plans.

Elida at the water kiosk she runs in Madagascar

The women behind the water kiosks 8 Apr 2016

In rural Madagascar, we're helping communities set up and run their own water kiosks, so they can provide their friends, family and neighbours with clean, safe water.

Kiran holding up a picture board in a classroom in Pakistan.

Taking a stand on 'a delicate issue' 1 Apr 2016

In Pakistan, cultural and religious taboos have left menstruation shrouded in secrecy – and girls in the dark about how to manage their periods. Hygiene outreach worker Kiran has taken to the classroom to tackle the topic.

Mum Rita and baby Ruth

One Day Young in Malawi 8 Mar 2016

When photographer Jenny Lewis visited rural Malawi, she captured the precious first hours of newborn babies’ lives – and saw first-hand the risks of giving birth without safe water.

Margarita with her daughter-in-law Lucia and granddaughter, who she helped to deliver

International Women's Day 8 Mar 2016

From remote villages to capital cities, schools to health centres and hospitals, join us as we meet four remarkable women who have helped their communities survive without access to safe water – and are now part of an incredible transformation.