The issue explained

Safe water and sanitation are basic human rights but millions of people don’t have them – usually the poorest and most marginalised. We believe everyone everywhere should, and can, have these essentials for life.

The poorest people are often left out when it comes to improving water and sanitation services. They are rarely involved in decisions that affect their everyday lives. Others are discriminated against because of where they live, the language they speak or the religion they practise. Or they are simply ignored because they are old, disabled or female.

Taps, toilets and handwashing facilities should be available to all, full stop. We make sure facilities are accessible to everyone in the community and work with our local partners to help break down some of the barriers that exist.

Improving access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene can help fight inequality too, enabling people to lift themselves out of poverty, bringing the community together and allowing people to contribute to society.

A world where everyone everywhere has clean water, toilets and good hygiene would be more equal, and together we can make it happen.

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