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Train passing a women waiting to cross the railway tracks

Across the tracks

Radha Verma, determined to protect her daughter after she was attacked, built one of the first toilets in Rakhi Mandi slum.

Kajal and Sarita walking to an open defecation site in India

No laughing matter

A trip to the “bathroom” for 16-year-old Kajal Gautam in Kanpur, India also means risking sexual harassment or assault each day when she and her cousin, Sarita, have to use the open field.

The joy of taps and toilets

In 2013, the kids at the Tsimahavaobe School in rural Madagascar got clean water and toilets for the very first time. Two years later we’ve caught up with some of the kids and teachers to see how their lives have changed.

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Women surrounded by rubble after the Nepal earthquake

My hope for Nepal 15 May 2015

On 25 April, tragedy struck Nepal when the earth shook in a massive 7.8-magnitude earthquake. Sarina Prabasi, WaterAid America's Chief Executive talks about memories from her childhood in Nepal and rebuilding Nepal with a focus on water, sanitation and hygiene.