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Child with dirty water

Where's the sink?

Many children all over the world don’t have access to clean water and soap to wash their hands, and they are at greater risk for serious illnesses that are far worse than a cold. This is why handwashing needs to be a priority in the Global Goals.

Three generations of women and girls in Surkhet Nepal

Menstrual hygiene matters

WaterAid’s Cecile Shrestha traveled to Nepal to hear from women and girls about how menstrual taboos and stigma impact their daily lives.

The joy of taps and toilets

In 2013, the kids at the Tsimahavaobe School in rural Madagascar got clean water and toilets for the very first time. Two years later we’ve caught up with some of the kids and teachers to see how their lives have changed.

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A word on Flint 3 Feb 2016 | WaterAid America

To live in one of the world’s most developed countries and not have access to safe water is an inexcusable affront to human dignity.