Every year, half a million children don’t survive their first five years of life. Without safe water and toilets, vulnerable children – our future – don’t have a fighting chance.

At WaterAid, we believe that where you live, shouldn’t determine whether you’ll live. That’s why we are planning our biggest #GivingTuesday yet: we’re challenging everyday heroes across the globe to help give safe water to 100,000 kids under the age of five. A few super-heroes are standing by to match your gift too.

We’re putting the finishing touches on the campaign now, but please start thinking about how you will join the global movement on December 2. Sign up here to receive email updates on our campaign.

Now in its 33rd year, WaterAid has helped over 21 million people gain access to safe water and, since 2004, helped over 18 million people gain access to toilets and sanitation. Your support helps bring WaterAid’s expertise to communities that need the ‘know-how’ and equipment to set-up, operate and maintain their water and sanitation systems for the long-term.