Thank you for believing in the power of girls! This summer you helped us reach over 5,500 girls worldwide with clean water and toilets.

Stories of strength

Kajal from India

No laughing matter

A trip to the “bathroom” for 16-year-old Kajal Gautam in Kanpur, India also means risking sexual harassment or assault each day when she and her cousin, Sarita, have to use the open field.

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Brittany App's Five Gallon Challenge

Brittany's Five Gallon Challenge

After being nominated to take the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, photographer Brittany App decided to change the rules. Instead of dumping a bucket of water on her head, she challenged herself and her husband to survive on just five gallons of water a day, and donated to WaterAid as well as ALS.

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Eunice Kamya, a WaterAid volunteer in Kampala, Uganda

Investing in girls in Kampala

Eunice is passionate about building healthy futures for girls. When not running a vocational school, she volunteers with WaterAid promoting safe hygiene practices and petitioning the city water authority for more water points.

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Portrait of Rihanata

A girl like Rihanata

I bet you know a girl like Rihanata. She wears jeans to school, enjoys playing, studying and hanging out with friends. Sometimes she gets fed up with her chores: in her case that means walking for 40 minutes, three times a day, to fetch water for her family.

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Twelve-year-old Ze from Madagascar carrying a heavy bucket of water on her head.

Not your average 12-year-old

On a typical day, Ze wakes up at dawn and heads out the door to fill up her jerry can at the only water source close by - a small, muddy hole next to the village rice field.

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Solo from rural Madagascar carrying a heavy jerry can of water on her head.

Change the story for Solo

In rural Madagascar, being a girl means being strong. Every day, 13-year-old Solo must carry her body weight in water up a steep and difficult trail. You can help lighten her load.

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Team Boatylicious

Team Boatylicious

Rowing 2,400 miles across the Pacific Ocean with a bucket toilet and rainwater showers to raise funds for WaterAid. That's #Girlstrong! Meet Team Boatylicious.

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Radha from Nepal

Punished for being a girl

In Jamu in western Nepal, 16-year-old Radha’s status is lower than a dog’s, because she is menstruating. All over the world, girls' health and dignity is put at risk by myths, restrictions and ignorance about periods.

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Mom Rehema and daughter Mariam in the slums of Kampala, Uganda.

A daughter's future

Despite the challenges of living in the slums of Uganda's capital city, Kampala, Rehema's first concern is the welfare of her daughter. She's determined to give three-year-old Mariam the best start in life.

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Female students in Madagascar washing their hands.


Every mom wants to pass on valuable life lessons to her daughter to help her build a happy, healthy future. For moms living without safe water and toilets some basic life lessons are really just a hope for the future – but a future that’s attainable when water and toilets are too.

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