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There are six weeks left to meet our goal of reaching 5,000 girls with clean, safe water and toilets. Thanks to those who have made a donation for strong girls, we're almost halfway there! You can help make it happen.

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Solo from rural Madagascar carrying a heavy jerry can of water on her head.

Change the story for Solo

In rural Madagascar, being a girl means being strong. Every day, 13-year-old Solo must carry her body weight in water up a steep and difficult trail. You can help lighten her load.

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Team Boatylicious

Team Boatylicious

Rowing 2,400 miles across the Pacific Ocean with a bucket toilet and rainwater showers to raise funds for WaterAid. That's #Girlstrong! Meet Team Boatylicious.

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Radha from Nepal

Punished for being a girl

In Jamu in western Nepal, 16-year-old Radha’s status is lower than a dog’s, because she is menstruating. All over the world, girls' health and dignity is put at risk by myths, restrictions and ignorance about periods.

>> Menstruation matters
Mom Rehema and daughter Mariam in the slums of Kampala, Uganda.

A daughter's future

Despite the challenges of living in the slums of Uganda's capital city, Kampala, Rehema's first concern is the welfare of her daughter. She's determined to give three-year-old Mariam the best start in life.

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Female students in Madagascar washing their hands.


Every mom wants to pass on valuable life lessons to her daughter to help her build a happy, healthy future. For moms living without safe water and toilets some basic life lessons are really just a hope for the future – but a future that’s attainable when water and toilets are too.

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