Every drop, every day

Every day, millions of people spend hours walking to find safe water. Every story is unique, but every drop of water is precious.

Safe, clean water transforms lives. Yet more than 750 million people around the world are living without it. We believe that everyone, everywhere can have safe water and sanitation by 2030. And you can help make it happen.

What can I do?

You can help end the wait for safe water by joining with us to ask Congress to support the Water for the World Act, or donating to support WaterAid's safe water programs.

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Water stories

Share your water story

For most of us, living without safe drinking water is hard to fathom. Even so, we all have a water story. Remember that time when the power went out and you were left without water for hours—or days? We want to hear your water story. Blog or tweet your water story using the hashtag #water4all and don't forget to tag us @WaterAidAmerica
WaterAid Nicaragua

Yolanda, Nicaragua

In this hilltop community of Nicaragua, women have taken on an important role. What does equality have to do with a toilet? Read how Doña Yolanda and her husband are becoming the proud owners of the very first pour-flush toilet in town. This is Yolanda's #waterstory.

Chet Kumari Basnet, Nepal

Big Day for Gahubari

Here in the mountains of Nepal, people used to spend up to five hours a day collecting dirty water. Work has recently finished on a gravity-flow water system that brings a sustainable supply of safe, clean water to the heart of the village. Watch the joyous moment when the faucets are turned on for the first time.
Jennifer Barbour in Nicaragua

Jennifer Barbour in Nicaragua

Blogger Jennifer Barbour is heading to visit WaterAid's Nicaragua program in the run-up to World Water Day. Follow her blog to hear her water stories. You can chat with her live by taking part in the Mom Bloggers for Social Good Twitter chat on Friday, March 21 from 1:00pm – 2:00pm EDT, using the hashtag #WaterAidNica.
Tiangay from Sierra Leone with one of her children

Tiangay, Sierra Leone

Tiangay Sesay knows how life depends on safe water and sanitation. After drinking river water, her baby daughter fell sick and died. Despite or perhaps because of this terrible tragedy, Tiangay now plays a central role in the development of her village, working with WaterAid to build new safe water and sanitation facilities for the community. 
Meargu, a 12-year-old girl from Ethiopia, collecting unsafe water from a traditional source.

Meargu, Ethiopia

Twelve-year-old Meargu’s water story is short and tiring.  She has spent much of her young life beginning and ending every day walking and waiting for water. Twice a day, every day she journeyed up steep, mountain trails collecting water for her parents and ten siblings in Adi
Sibhat, Ethiopia. “It is very difficult but we all help each other” she stated with confidence.