Dress in blue, paint yourself blue, decorate your school or office blue, bake blue cakes, drink blue drinks, play the blues... sing the blues! We don’t mind how you do it – just go blue.

We’re celebrating World Water Day on March 22 to raise awareness about the world’s water crisis – and the 650 million people around the world who still lack access to safe, clean water.

We'd love you to get involved. Go blue in any way you like, and show your support for World Water Day.

Four easy ways you can create ripples of change

It’s easy to be a part of World Water Day and make a difference.

By raising funds and spreading the word, you can help us get another step closer to ensuring that everyone everywhere has access to safe, clean water by 2030.

  • Step 1 – Change your profile picture on Facebook and Twitter with our blue wash using the app above.
  • Step 2 – Sign the petition and ask the U.S. Government to support the Reach Every Mother and Child (REACH) Act as a way to improve assistance for maternal and child health services and promote increased access to water.
  • Step 3 – Challenge your friends, school, office or gym to join you. Ask for a small donation to take part in your World Water Day event.
  • Step 4 – Tell the world. Log onto your favorite social media platform and post a photo showing how you’re celebrating World Water Day. Make sure to tag your posts #Blue4Water

Help us make as much noise (and money) as possible, to reach the world’s poorest people with the most basic of necessities: clean, safe water.


Raise funds to help reach communities in need with safe water.

Last year, hundreds of people took action for the 1 in 10 people who don’t have access to clean water.

This year, WolfPack Fitness in Auburn, Maine is hosting a #Blue4Water World Water Day Primal Fitness course, where athletes will pay an entry fee, dress in blue, and get an incredible water-themed workout. Exercises will mirror the tough physical work that people around the world do every day when they are pumping water from deep wells or carrying heavy buckets of water over long distances, all while utilizing nature, bodyweight and non-traditional items like cinder blocks and sledge hammers. Proceeds will be donated to support WaterAid programs.

WolfPack Fitness

#Blue4Water Quiz for a cause

Trivia NYC logo

Check out World Water Day trivia night on March 22 at locations around New York. Here's more information on event times and locations.

Whether you carry 40lb. of water with friends, walk with your school or organize a bake sale at work, you can help make a difference! Start fundraising today!

World Water Day Resources