A victory of epic proportions

WaterAid speaks to the power of partnerships at Sustainable Brands 2016.

Jun 8 2016

The global water crisis is not only beatable, it’s beatable within our lifetime, WaterAid CEO Sarina Prabasi has said ahead of the opening of Sustainable Brands 2016, a leading conference rallying business leaders to reimagine the intersection of purpose and profit in business.

Sarina Prabasi, WaterAid CEO said:

"We live in an era of unprecedented progress in achieving access to clean water – 2.6 billion people have gained access to this basic life necessity since 1990. And yet, we have so far to go. One in three people today still do not have access to a basic toilet, while over 650 million people struggle to obtain the clean water they need to keep themselves and their families alive and healthy. While the global water and sanitation crisis is as far-reaching and debilitating as they come, it is also as beatable as they come.

"Today, we have the opportunity to achieve a victory of epic proportions – a world where children no longer die from diarrhea caused by dirty water and poor hygiene; where girls no longer drop out of school when they start menstruating because there are no private toilets; and a world where women can use their precious time to earn an income or care for their families instead of walking miles to collect water."

WaterAid at Sustainable Brands 2016

  • Event: Sunset V: Innovative ways to tackle global water crises: public-private partnerships, new business models, and more
  • When: June 9, 2-3pm

WaterAid Chief Executive, Sarina Prabasi, will speak to the good, bad and great of WaterAid’s partnerships with the private sector in the organization’s work to achieve a world where clean water, toilets and hygiene are a reality for everyone by the year 2030.

Alongside her will be a unique mix of experts who are tackling global water crises by developing new kinds of public-private partnerships, boosting the sustainability and accessibility of water resources and adopting new methods of water measurement, management and accounting.

WaterAid supports the UN’s Global Goals on sustainable development, which include a specific goal (Goal 6) to reach everyone everywhere with access to clean water and basic toilets by 2030.

Clean water, safe toilets and good hygiene are also essential to other areas of development that are important to businesses, consumers and employees, including education; maternal, newborn and child health; ending hunger and malnutrition; and reducing inequalities.