Don’t let the lush, green countryside fool you. The 32 families living in the rural Ethiopian community of Mojo have never had a drop of clean, safe water. Instead, they’ve endured never-ending and back-breaking chores, illness and injury.

But as 13-year old Chaltu told us, “that’s all history now.” On June 3, we joined the community to celebrate their new handpump.

“I didn’t believe it,” said Sirata. The father of six had good reason to be skeptical too: “We had heard that promise before and it was nothing but false hope.”

But now, Sirata is the Chairman of the water user committee. The committee, set up with help and training from WaterAid, will manage the handpump to make sure it’s kept in good working order long after WaterAid leaves town. Better still, the handpump is located close to people's homes – providing a reliable and sustainable source of safe water for the entire community.
The community of Mojo, Ethiopia, using the new water point.

Mulu, a grandmother of 65 says: “It’s a lucky generation.  My children and grandchildren are lucky to get clean water so close and easily. I am happy for them.”

Now that we’ve made history together, the young women and girls of Mojo can turn to the future. Better health. More school. More time. Dare we say – more fun!

Make history with us this summer. #Girlstrong.