Total sanitation coverage in East Asia 13 Apr 2015 | Henry Northover, Shin Kue Ryu, Timothy Brewer. Principal Researcher: Shin Kue Ryu

This discussion paper sets out some preliminary findings from ongoing research in East Asian states on the political economy of sanitation and hygiene services that delivered total coverage within a generation. These early generalised conclusions are not intended to claim blueprints for success but rather to input into the emerging dialogue in the sanitation and hygiene sectors on how the necessary step change for delivering universal access to services can be achieved by 2030. Available in English, French and Portuguese.

WaterAid Nicaragua country programme evaluation 13 Apr 2015 | WaterAid Nicaragua

In November 2014, two independent consultants and a member of WaterAid UK’s Programme Support Unit conducted an evaluation of the Nicaragua country program to assess its relevance, effectiveness, and technical excellence, leading to recommendations for the first country program strategy development process. The evaluators spent three weeks consulting key local and national stakeholders and institutions on sector challenges and visiting WaterAid supported projects. This briefing note summarizes the evaluation team’s findings and recommendations.

Healthy Start: the first month of life 17 Mar 2015 | WaterAid

In the year the world replaces the Millennium Development Goals with the Sustainable Development Goals, it is time to ensure that the next generation of children is given the best start in life – a healthy start. Available to download in English, French and Portuguese.

The unsung heroes in water, sanitation and hygiene delivery 8 Mar 2015 | WaterAid Uganda

On International Womnen's Day 2015 WaterAid Uganda celebrated acts of courage and determination by ordinary women who have played extraordinary roles in the history of their communities to ensure sustain-able access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene education.

Women in Nepal: leading communities, changing lives 8 Mar 2015 | WaterAid Nepal

International Women’s Day provides us with an opportunity to celebrate the achievements of women. To commemorate this special occasion, WaterAid Nepal has compiled stories of women across Nepal who have participated in our WASH programmes.

Water, sanitation and hygiene in health care facilities in Asia and the Pacific 1 Jan 2015 | Unicef, World Health Organization, WaterAid

This note sets out the crucial role of water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) in the provision of quality healthcare. Its aim is to inform health and WASH-responsible Ministries and agencies, as well as regional decision-making forums in Asia and the Pacific.

WaterAid Nepal annual report 2013-2014 1 Apr 2014 | WaterAid Nepal

WaterAid has been working in Nepal for three decades, transforming lives by ensuring access to water, sanitation and hygiene for the most marginalised people across the country. In 2013/14, with our partners, we supported over 80,000 people with safe water and 104,800 people with safe sanitation; over 138,000 people participated in hygiene promotion programmes.

Oasis Spring/Summer 2015 20 Feb 2015

In this edition of Oasis we take a look at our new project which aims to provide safe water 365 days a year to communities in Burkina Faso, have an update from West Africa on the Ebola crisis, and discuss why 2015 is a crucial year in our mission to help everyone, everywhere get taps and toilets by 2030.

Sanitation and Water for All: how this global partnership has become a dynamic catalyst for change 1 Sep 2012 | WaterAid and Tearfund

Sanitation and Water for All (SWA) – a global partnership of developing countries, donors, multilateral agencies, civil society and other development actors – offers a means to improve aid effectiveness through concerted efforts, acting as a catalyst to overcome barriers to development and national planning in the water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) sector. Availible in English, French and Portuguese.

Sanitation and Water for All (SWA): learning from experiences and success factors in Ghana and Liberia 1 Aug 2013 | Abdul-Nashiru Mohammed

This guidance paper on learning from experiences and success factors was developed based on donor missions to Ghana and Liberia in support of effective implementation of the National Planning for Results Initiative (NPRI) under the Sanitation and Water for All (SWA) partnership. These countries represent early countries to have developed National WASH Compacts between 2010 and 2011 from deep and broad national consultations.