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We can't wait 19 Nov 2014 | WaterAid

This joint report from WaterAid and Unilever explains why the EU must champion sanitation, hygiene and water in the Sustainable Development Goals.

Child of mine 19 Nov 2014 | WaterAid

This briefing paper calls for UN member states to adopt ambitious Sustainable Development Goals that recognise the importance of sanitation in eliminating extreme poverty and improving health. This publication is available to view in English, French and Portuguese.

Mainstreaming disability and ageing in water and sanitation programmes 15 Nov 2013 | Hazel Jones, Water, Engineering and Development Centre (WEDC)

While progress is being made towards universal access to water and sanitation, the most vulnerable people are being left behind by. This ‘continuum’ provides a framework for those implementing WASH programmes to assess their own equity and inclusion work.

CEO water mandate - exploring the business case for corporate action on sanitation 30 Sep 2014 | Peter Schulte, Pacific Institute,; Margaret Fenwick, United Nations Global Compact,

Explores and describes the business motivations for action on the sanitation crisis. Offers perspectives from companies themselves and examples of existing projects, as well as framework of actions companies can take to support sanitation coverage in their facilities, among their suppliers, and in the communities in which they operate. (UNGC/Pacific Institute 2014)

Integration for child health: Key messages 23 Sep 2014 | Action for Global Health: Child Health Working Group

This paper summarises the need for integrated, cross-sectoral action for improving child health outcomes. It summarises key information about child health and integration, and provides recommendations for governments, donors and other development agencies and professionals on policy and programming action.

Aid effectiveness in Timor-Leste's WASH sector 27 Oct 2014

As a founding partner of the Sanitation and Water for All partnership, WaterAid is working to increase understanding of current practice in the provision of aid to the WASH sector. This case study is complemented by a second from Ethiopia, and its findings will contribute to the development of a global framework for introducing greater scrutiny and mutual accountability into development cooperation in the WASH sector. The publication is available in English and Tetun.

The water point mapping updating methodology 6 Oct 2014

Accurate information on water points is critical in order to provide sufficient data for planning and budgeting.The purpose of this guide is to outline the basics of the updating process in an attempt to address the challenges associated with water point mapping process and allow the methodology to be replicated. The tool is a paper-based approach that follows the Government of Tanzania’s usual reporting hierarchy.

Post-2015 toolkit 1 Aug 2013

Our Post-2015 toolkit is designed to help you call for a bold and ambitious new framework that links poverty eradication and sustainable development. The briefing materials contained in the toolkit can be used for national, regional and international advocacy efforts, or adapted as appropriate. They will be most useful for those engaging in post-2015 conversations and consultations with contacts in the UN, national governments, civil society and the private sector.

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