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The water point mapping updating methodology 6 Oct 2014

Accurate information on water points is critical in order to provide sufficient data for planning and budgeting.The purpose of this guide is to outline the basics of the updating process in an attempt to address the challenges associated with water point mapping process and allow the methodology to be replicated. The tool is a paper-based approach that follows the Government of Tanzania’s usual reporting hierarchy.

Post-2015 toolkit 1 Aug 2013

Our Post-2015 toolkit is designed to help you call for a bold and ambitious new framework that links poverty eradication and sustainable development. The briefing materials contained in the toolkit can be used for national, regional and international advocacy efforts, or adapted as appropriate. They will be most useful for those engaging in post-2015 conversations and consultations with contacts in the UN, national governments, civil society and the private sector.

Total sanitation coverage in East Asia 2 Sep 2014 | Author: Henry Northover, Shin Kue Ryu, Timothy Brewer. Principal Researcher: Shin Kue Ryu

This discussion paper sets out some preliminary findings from ongoing research in East Asian states on the political economy of sanitation and hygiene services that delivered total coverage within a generation. These early generalised conclusions are not intended to claim blueprints for success but rather to input into the emerging dialogue in the sanitation and hygiene sectors on how the necessary step change for delivering universal access to services can be achieved by 2030. Available in English, French and Portuguese.

WASH targets and indicators for post-2015

This document is an expanded version of the previously published targets and indicators produced from consultations facilitated by the UNICEF and WHO Joint Monitoring Programme. It gives full definitions for the individual targets and indicators proposed and background to the consultations.

Oasis magazine - Autumn/Winter 2014 20 Aug 2014 | Country: UK | Author: WaterAid UK

Our twice yearly supporter magazine. Each issue contains features on our overseas work plus the latest news and campaign updates.

Disability: Making CLTS Fully Inclusive 29 Jul 2014 | WaterAid and WEDC

Community-Led Total Sanitation (CLTS) aims at total sanitation. For that it has to be inclusive. This issue of Frontiers of CLTS, co-authored by Jane Wilbur for WaterAid and Hazel Jones for WEDC, focuses on people with disabilities and their particular needs for access.

Bangladesh National Hygiene Baseline Survey 1 Jun 2014

This report includes findings on a range of handwashing activities from a nationally representative population along with water, sanitation and hygiene indicators to provide baseline information for use in advocacy, planning and program monitoring.

Progressing aid effectiveness in the WASH sector 1 Mar 2014

This study aims to identify how monitoring efforts to address aid effectiveness commitments and related accountability processes at the global and national level can help to strengthen incentives to address WASH sector aid effectiveness challenges. Available to download in English, French and Portuguese.

Violence, gender and WASH toolkit 12 Jun 2014

This toolkit has been developed for use by WASH practitioners but will also be useful for gender-based violence, gender, protection, health and education specialists.

The toolkit provides examples of good practice approaches which have the potential to reduce vulnerabilities to violence. It was co-published by 27 organisations, including WaterAid, SHARE and WEDC.

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