Before they brought water, I could bathe once a month… People never used to eat with me because I was dirty and smelling. Now everyone can eat together as I am no longer dirty. We are not married and all our children died, but we have support from people here.

Esther is blind and has mobility issues. Her and her sister lived without clean water or a toilet. Because the walk to collect water was so long, and because Esther cannot walk far, she was unable to wash herself.

Esther can also access a toilet now. She used to rely on a child to lead her away from her home to defecate but Esther often fell and couldn’t see snakes on the path. She also had no idea if she was by the road or being watched.

She can now use her home latrine safely and has enough water to drink and wash with. She is able to live a healthy and dignified life.

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