Basbedo, Burkina Faso

Koudougou Aminata is a water monitor in Basbedo, Burkina Faso. A busy mother of five, she also sells fish at market and farms what land she can.

Often in Basbedo there is not enough water for drinking, cooking and keeping clean, so we launched a pioneering new project in the village. As well as investing in infrastructure and improving access to water, we trained a team of local people, including Koudougou, to become water experts themselves.

As a result, she and her team are able to hold community meetings if water levels fall. They explain how people can manage supplies more carefully and secure access to this vital resource 365 days of the year – even when the dry season, which can last for up to eight months of the year, makes the rivers evaporate and causes groundwater levels to drop.

As a woman, Koudougou thinks people in her community see her differently since her team began working and advising them.

She said, "I came to be involved in this water community because water is life. I am able to inform the community… give them information and empower them in protecting the water source. They respect us, and they not only respect us, they follow what we ask them to do."