Australian Water Association interview Rosie Wheen

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Rosie Wheen

As part of Australian Water Association's (AWA) podcast series, Jo Taranto spoke to WaterAid Australia Chief Executive Rosie Wheen about WaterAid and the water industry's role in ensuring the Sustainable Development Goals are met.

WaterAid Australia Chief Executive Rosie Wheen has been here since the beginning, all the way back in 2004. Back then she a young mother, recently returned from years working and volunteering in Indonesia. Since then she’s had a range of roles within WaterAid, starting in administration, moving all the way up to the Chief Executive role – all with the theme of challenging herself.

It’s the same drive to challenge herself that makes her so fitting to lead WaterAid Australia as we push towards 2030 and the pursuit of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. WaterAid has a vision where “everyone everywhere can access clean water, a decent toilet, and good hygiene.” It’s why WaterAid focus on the poorest and more marginalised to transform their lives.

The relationship between WaterAid and the water industry is “unique to both our history, but also our contribution to the world.” We’ve come a long way, but we need to find a way to feed the fire in the belly of the current generation.

We can’t achieve the massive change we need one well at a time. The people are as important as the infrastructure. And as WaterAid Australia and Rosie move forward, the key will be to keep inequalities at the heart of everything. “Leave no one behind.”

Listen to Rosie's full interview with the Australian Water Association below: