How to give up coffee & make a difference this March!

21 February 2017

One participant on what inspired her to join The Water Challenge and her strategy to stay off the coffee!

Meet Rosie, all-round WaterAid champion, WaterAid Chief Executive and (nearly) top ranking fundraiser for the Drink Just Water part of Water Aid’s Water Challenge this March.

Rosie loves a challenge and is passionate about health, for herself, her family and her community, so the Drink Just Water Challenge is a natural fit!

Rosie has committed to drink water only for 30 days, a tough challenge for a 4 COFFEES A DAY caffeine addict! She has already commenced her preparation for the caffeine detox - part of her plan is to gradually step down – she has already stopped buying coffee from local cafés and is reducing her daily consumption. Her next steps are to switch to tea before going all-out with water only. A few Panadol’s here and there may also be part of the equation!

Rosie is about to let go of coffeeWaterAid


Water = Good. Everything else= BadWaterAid

Aside from the measured approach of her step down program, a solid dose of good old fashioned willpower and inspiring quotes are helping Rosie keep her eyes on her goal. Her favourite inspirational quote is from Margaret Mead - “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.”

Rosie’s friends and family are well aware of her love of the humble bean and just how big a change giving it up will be, but Rosie sees that as a great inspiration for sponsorship and the chance to talk about two of her favourite topics - water and toilets and why they’re are so important!

Rosie’s motivation and inspiration to get involved comes from first-hand experience of the water crisis and the great work being done to resolve it. “For me The Water Challenge is a way to help out, but also reminds us of just how lucky we are here in Australia – we shouldn’t take that for granted! For me, the struggle of giving up coffee, which is a simple thing, is nothing compared to the daily struggles of people who cannot access the basic right of safe water” Rosie tells us.


Rosie looking at a glass of waterWaterAid

“I’ve seen just how much damage unsafe water can do. To see kids dying from preventable illnesses and witnessing the daily grind of women and children spending hours a day collecting dirty water is just heart-breaking”.

“I’ve seen the impact of WaterAid’s work first-hand and cannot stress how much of a difference the basics of life such as water can make. It underpins health, productivity, education and wealth – a true building block that helps lift people out of poverty. For me, having seen all this, it’s a simple pitch to explain why I’m raising money for this vital resource”, Rosie says.

Join Rosie and thousands of other Australians in the ‘Drink Just Water’ Challenge for 14 or 30 days this March – learn more and sign up here:

Rosie drinking the glass of waterWaterAid