KOR, new platinum member

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KOR's visit to Timor-Leste

Removal of waste is a huge challenge in developing countries. The transfer of human waste is often done manually and contributes to illnesses, the spread of disease and even death.

Here in Australia we are fortunate to have systems, processes, infrastructure, people and companies who make the removal of human waste happen. We are often totally unaware of who or what is involved. As providers  of safe, productive and reliable vacuum and water jetting equipment, WaterAid’s newest corporate partner KOR sells industrial vacuum trucks, hydro excavation units and combination sewer and drain cleaning trucks across Australia and New Zealand. KOR is a business of proven industry professionals in partnership with Cappellotto, the global leader in vacuum recovery and high-pressure water technology.  They ensure waste and water is removed efficiently and safely.  

KOR has recently become a platinum member of WaterAid and a key supporter of our fundraising gala balls.

KOR Managing Director Stephen Pewtress joined last year’s WaterAid corporate supporters’ trip to Timor-Leste to witness our work after being introduced to WaterAid by  Interflow. 

"On behalf of all KOR team members Australia-wide, we are thrilled to announce our ongoing commitment with WaterAid. Having the opportunity to travel to Timor-Leste last year with WaterAid, viewing firsthand the incredible work and development with the local villages in that region, we are extremely proud to be involved with WaterAid as a key support partner!"

Many of WaterAid’s corporate supporters will meet the KOR team initially at the Victorian Grand Gala on 1 June, a sold out water and allied industry event this occasion offers our corporate family the chance to mix and mingle as well as help raise vital funds for our Asia Pacific neighbours, in Cambodia, Papua New Guinea and Timor-Leste.  

“We are delighted that KOR, as a valuable water industry supplier, has chosen to become a platinum member of WaterAid and support our gala balls around the country. KOR plays an integral support role in the process of waste removal. A challenge the people we serve in developing countries often have to manually face,” said WaterAid Australia Chief Executive Rosie Wheen. For example in India, a twin pit latrine features two separate pits for collecting waste. Once one pit is full, the waste flow is diverted to the second pit, with each being emptied alternately over time. However, this switch has to be done manually – requiring households themselves to access the system and be exposed to harmful human waste. Understandably, many are reluctant to do so.

WaterAid looks forward to a mutually beneficial journey with the committed KOR team.