Stand with Frat for a Future on Tap

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Yenus on a donkey looking back at the camera carrying a jerry can full of water

2020 has been an uncertain year for us all, and we continue to work together to protect each other's health and wellbeing. 

For the people of Frat, a remote hilly region in Ethiopia, working together to protect one another is a way of life - but clean water is something that has always been out of reach. And our changing climate means the weather in Frat, like many places across Ethiopia, is increasingly unpredictable, putting people's livelihoods at risk. 

Frat isn’t a single place, nor is it a single people. There are three villages, which WaterAid aims to reach with a single borehole. Three villages sharing the same hope and anticipation of the day clean water arrives.  ​

We want to share a story with you from Frat. 

Come and listen to The Boy and the Donkey - a tale of resilience, love and community spirit. This 360° degree immersive story is narrated, so for the best experience, turn your sound on!

In a country called Ethiopia, high on a hillside, lies a place called Frat. It’s a tough place to live and that’s why there’s a strong sense of togetherness there. When there’s a problem, everyone works together to solve it.

12-year-old Yenus lives in Frat with his family and Donkey, who all help on their farm. Growing crops to make a living can be hard in this harsh environment, where it’s either very hot and dry or really wet for months on end, but they make the best of it.

Yenus (12) with his mother (Serke), older sister (Medina) and younger sister (Ayshet) and his brother (Yesuf), Frat, Ethiopia, October 2020.
Yenus (12) with his mother (Serke), older sister (Medina) and younger sister (Ayshet) and his brother (Yesuf), Frat, Ethiopia, October 2020.
Image: WaterAid/ Genaye Eshetu

Join Yenus and Donkey as they go about their day, travelling down a rocky path to collect water from the river, going to class and meeting neighbours, to hear what makes Frat such a special place to live.

With clean water on tap every day, children like Yenus and their communities will become healthier and stronger, with more opportunities for a brighter future.

Please give generously now! Give the gift of clean water to children just like Yenus here