Supporter Spotlight: Sharon

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Did you know women and girls are responsible for water collection in eight out of ten households?

This is one of the key reasons Sharon is a monthly donor to WaterAid. Sharon has been donating to WaterAid regularly for almost 14 years.

She recalls stories she heard from her partner who used to work in Papua New Guinea: of young girls not going to school because they were menstruating, or whole communities not having access to clean water. “For women, in particular, the impact of inadequate hygiene is devastating,” Sharon says.

Sharon is an extensive traveller herself and used to regularly visit Vanuatu, where she saw poverty in the local area. Feeling blessed to grow up in Victoria, Sharon realised “my house was like a palace compared to overseas.” 

Sharon loves reading WaterAid’s monthly e-newsletter and Oasis magazine as they remind her of the great work WaterAid does at the community level.

She is inspired by WaterAid’s focus to free women from collecting water to improve their lives.

“Hearing about a new well or toilets… makes it worthwhile,” she explains. Sharon shares the information she receives with her family to spread the word on WaterAid’s impact.

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This article first appeared in WaterAid's Oasis Spring-Summer 2019 magazine, available for download here.