WaterAid announces partnership with Water PNG

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Rachel Payne and Raka Taviri

On 20 March 2019, Water PNG Ltd Managing Director Mr. Raka Taviri Jr and WaterAid PNG Country Director Ms. Rachel Payne signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), paving the way for greater collaboration between two organisations with a shared commitment to improving water, sanitation and hygiene (WaSH) in Papua New Guinea.

An exciting area for cooperation under the MOU will be the establishment of an internship program, with support from Australian water utilities. The internship program will see promising young engineering graduates gain wide ranging experience in the sector, through rotations with Water PNG, WaterAid PNG and potentially an Australian water utility. 

“Tremendous progress has been made in Papua New Guinea over recent years with the development of the National Wash Policy, the National WaSH in schools policy and several district level pilots currently underway.  Growing a skilled WaSH workforce in PNG is critical for implementation of these policies and for the achievement of SDG6” Ms. Payne said.

The MOU will also support improved data sharing; collaboration on baseline / needs assessments, scoping studies and monitoring; and joint research and pilots aimed at addressing key challenges, including people’s willingness to pay for water; innovative approaches to improving WaSH in urban settlements, and impacts of climate change.

“This is another very important step forward for Water PNG Ltd to be working in partnership with WaterAid PNG in expanding water coverage to urban and peri-urban areas of our district and provincial towns. The shared commitment is all about this passion of expanding the provision of potable water and better sanitation services to our people of Papua New Guinea. I thank WaterAid PNG, and the Australian water utilities for their support” Mr. Taviri said.

Water PNG Ltd and WaterAid Australia are proud to celebrate World Water Day 2019 with the signing of this MOU.

Rachel Payne and Raka Taviri sign the MOU