WaterAid's new logo

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WaterAid's new logo

You may have noticed something different about WaterAid’s website and social media channels today – we’ve updated our logo! It’s a new look for us and something we hope captures the contemporary, exciting and bold direction that we’re taking in all aspects our work. We hope you like it!

The symbol in our new logo holds a number of special meanings:

  • It visually conveys, through the three raised fingers, our three goals of clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene for everyone, everywhere
  • It represents a hand holding up three fingers, an active, human gesture that means ‘w’ and ‘water’ in international sign language
  • It is composed of the letter ‘w’ in the top half and a letter ‘a’ in the bottom half, visually representing the name WaterAid
  • It includes a water drop at the centre of the palm

We will be gradually rolling this new logo out over the next twelve months as we need to produce new information, which means you will continue to see our ‘old’ logo in a number of different places.