For girls like Aynadis, the daily journey to collect water is hard and often dangerous- as you can see by the makeshift cast on her left arm. Her dad explains ‘She was trying to get out of the pond after drawing water when the mud sucked one of her legs…she fell while trying to get out carrying a jerry can.”

Drinking the water comes with its own dangers.

 The water is dirty. We use it because we have no other option. We draw from this water and filter it through a piece of cloth, then we drink it. It is not clean water. After filtering the water with a piece of cloth, we find worms and other small, squirming water creatures on top of the cloth. I cannot name them but we find lots of them.”

– Animut, Aynadis' dad

It’s hard to imagine having to give your child drinking water from a pond shared with bathing cattle.

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Aynadis with her dad, Animut
Image: WaterAid/Joey Lawrence

The bugs Animut and Aynadis can’t see in that water are even worse than the ones they can. Water from ponds like this can carry germs that give little Aynadis anything from tummy aches to diarrhoea.

And she is not alone. 290,000 children under five die every year from diarrhoeal diseases caused by poor water and sanitation.

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