This festive season, help us bring clean water to 12,000 people in the village of Manjakandriana, Madagascar and more.

Can you imagine drinking water that’s so dirty it has worms in it? Or having to go to the toilet outside, with nowhere to wash your hands after?

This is normal for over 70% of people in Manjakandriana. But it shouldn’t be.

This summer, help us bring clean water to places in dire need, including the 12,000 people across nine villages, including nine schools and two health care facilities in Madagascar. 

Help bring clean water to Juliette's village for the first time

Juliette’s family has never known clean water. They are forced to drink, cook and wash with dirty water.

Juliette is a strong and inspiring woman and a respected elder in her village in Manjakandriana.

She has six children and 11 grandchildren. Her grandchildren are always nearby; they come to her for cuddles and for advice. She always has time for them, teaching them to be wise and to be respectful to others.

Like any grandmother, Juliette wants the best for her family. But being denied access to water impacts her family’s health, education and ability to work, locking them in poverty.

Together this Christmas, we can help Juliette, her grandchildren, their entire community and many others like them access clean water for the very first time!

Juliette and family